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Apply the cream in the morning (before exposure), prepares your skin to withstand damage caused by pollution and cold:

  • Avoid damages from free radicals induced by UVAs (340-400 nm)
  • The cream optimizes the synthesis of urocanic acid, a natural substance absorbing UVB (290-320 nm).

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It is good to encourage the right production of melanin and protection against ultraviolet rays. Melanin is synthesized by UV action and ultraviolet damage protection must be programmed for proper exposure and proper UVB protection. Therefore:

  • Normalizing the biological state of the exposed skin by reducing the inflammatory response induced by UV rays.
  • It reduces the action of free radicals, which mediate inflammatory response induced by UV rays.

The components of AEGLEXA CREAM DAY allow the right production of melanin and the appropriate protection against the damage of ultraviolet rays. They allow melanin through various steps and actions of the components to form pheomelanin.

A gel base containing ochroleuca, macrocystis pyrifera, sanguisorba officinalis, astaxanthin, histidine, phenylalanine, phosphatidylcholine, acetylglucosamine, glucuronic acid.

Apply a layer of AEGLEXA CREAM DAY on a well cleansed face and neck, gently massaging it until full absorption. The staining from the cream is due to the presence of Astaxanthin (one of the most powerful antioxidants present in nature) and the pink coloring is not a sign of product alteration or expiration.

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