PHOTOAGING Treatment Protocol

  • Photoaging Treatment is the most complete offer to fight visibly all the signs of aging, protect against sun and weather, remodel and regenerate the skin.
  • Photoaging Treatment increases the natural glow of the skin. Redefining traits, combatting wrinkles, and restoring elasticity and uniformity to skin. Pollution, sun, stress can make the skin hyper-pigmented and wrinkled which AEGLEXA counteracts.
  • Photoaging Treatment provides brightness, stimulates the cells and reveals a radiant and velvety skin to the touch. Everyday environmental stress affects the self-defense capabilities of the skin, resulting in wrinkles.
  • Photoaging Treatment has been formulated to prevent and cure the skin from the effects of harmful external agents.

To know more

Our skin has very specific biological reactions and functions which characterize change significantly overnight compared to day.

What exactly happens to the body and the skin? “First of all, if skin is dehydrated, the skin temperature increases as the capillaries expand. This leads to water loss from the epidermis which is important in protecting it.

Volume loss accompanied with low sebum production causes skin dryness. Regeneration of skin cells increases when: keratinocytes (the fundamental skin surface cells) and fibroblasts (the cells that support the deeper dermis and which determine the structure and elasticity of the skin) trigger mechanisms of self-repair by the environmental damage. Environmental damages include and especially are pollution and ultraviolet rays.

A chronic stress syndrome produced by the U.V. rays. and the pressures of lifestyles, both day and night, especially on the inhabitants of the big cities and which, among other things, translates into an alteration in the quality of sleep, therefore of the skin.

In order to receive the benefits or a morning protective treatment and an evening reparative treatment, we created the protocol. During the day our skin is forced to defend itself against external aggression, rhythms of hectic life, sunlight and smog. Therefore, in the morning you should use AEGLEXA DAY CREAM, a cream rich in antioxidants and substances that increase protection from harmful external agents (smog, smoke, pollution, hot, cold, etc.). At night AEGLEXA NIGHT CREAM will help the natural self-repairing function of the skin.

To increase the effectiveness of AEGLEXA CREAM DAY AND NIGHT the AEGLEXA DAY AND NIGHT SUPPLEMENTS aid in periods of maximum skin stress (summer exposure, cold winds, sunlight reflecting on the snow).