Interview with Prof. Ceccarelli

­­­­Many of the techniques and protocols used in Aesthetic Medicine are derived from the insights of Professor Ceccarelli who is currently head of the International Center of Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine. Ceccarelli is also a professor of Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine at the University of Barcelona.

AEGLEXA’s new treatment to protect and repair damaged skin from the sun and atmospheric agents. It is formulated as the only verified and innovative totally non-invasive protocol that combines topical and internal action to obtain:


We asked Professor Maurizio CECCARELLI, one of the top international experts in the field of aesthetic medicine, to give us some information on the “sunshine” in detail. When, how and where to allow sunshine on our skin.

Professor Ceccarelli has established that the sun is good as common knowledge. But we must expose ourselves with caution. Can you give us any information about it?

The sun and UV rays cause sun damage to the skin. Such damages additionally cause photoaging, which can lead to the formation of skin cancer and tumors.

Especially in low melanin subjects living in latitudes where the intensity of the sun’s rays is high, it is important to protect and defend against UV damage. Normally, this defense is made with the use of solar protections that slow the passage of these, but that is not enough.

In fact, sunlight, through defensive chemical processes, is the main cause of premature aging of the skin. UV rays and especially UVBs cause an inflammatory response (erythema).

The inflammatory response, mediated by the release of free oxygen radicals, causes direct and indirect damage to the skin resulting in lost elasticity and photoaging. When skin tries to defend itself from UVB rays by perspiring, and producing urocanic acid, a powerful selective UVB filter.

All this leads to a defense by the skin to produce melanin. If production is excessive it causes hyperpigmentation.

What remedies do we have today to protect us from damage to sunlight and atmospheric agents?

Aeglexa has formulated a new protocol, based on the use of topical creams and oral supplements. The protocol is capable of protecting the skin against damage caused by sunlight. The skin will regulate melanogenesis by reducing the excess production and hyperpigmentation.

Before exposure in the morning, apply a cream and take the supplement containing the active skin protection elements. In the evening, after exposure, apply another cream and take the night supplements. Both supplements contain active ingredients for regulating melanogenesis and repairing cellular damage.

The topical action of day and night creams and the two supplements support local action with a systemic effect to prepare the skin to deal with the outside environment. The supplements protect from the inside, reducing the damage that sunlight can cause and repairing adverse effects of exposure.

The Aeglexa Protocol, thanks to the powerful antioxidants present in the composition, is an effective supplement to protect the skin from daily damage. The most common environmental pollution that produce free radicals are also responsible for aging.

How long do you have to follow the protocol?

In general we are always exposed to both sunlight and atmospheric pollution so we would recommend to continue the treatment regularly, but we highly and explicity recommend the treatment for the warmer and high exposure summer months.

In conclusion, the Aeglexa Protocol is a valid an helpful supplement to protect the skin from photoaging and the risks of skin cancer.