ANTI-AGING Treatment


AEGLEXA Anti-Aging creams provide a smooth and flawless complexion. Also useful for post-peeling, and ideal for preventing damage caused by smog and cold. The day cream and the night cream of AEGLEXA Anti-Aging Treatment have been designed to correct chromatic irregularities and smooth the texture of the skin. Because a beautiful skin involves a soft and smooth skin surface. AEGLEXA Anti-Aging Creams help to improve skin texture by enhancing its brightness. After regular and prolonged treatment, the face is exceptionally smoother and softer. AEGLEXA Anti-Aging creams smooth wrinkles, create more volume, the sunspots are reduced, the texture of the skin is refined, and the skin is tighter, elastic and younger.

The day cream and the night cream of AEGLEXA Anti-Aging Treatment: the best agent for a nutrient rich and polished face.

AEGLEXA Anti-Aging Treatment has an innovative impact that combines pleasure and effectiveness. It absorbs contact with the skin: does not stick and does not leave the skin greasy.

Rest, relax and regenerate. Your skin is regenerating and rebuilding cells as you sleep. AEGLEXA Night Cream helps the skin regenerate even more by using the most powerful antioxidant agent present in nature, ASTAXANTHIN. Astaxanthin helps to counteract the effects of daily aggression and harm to the skin and keep it young. It contains depigmenting active substances formulated to correct any type of skin hyperchromia. By stopping the increased production or to a homogeneous distribution of melanin (sun spots, pregnant melasma, acne lesions, post-inflammatory or induced hyperchromatic drugs).

AEGLEXA Day Cream is a cream rich in antioxidant substances and substances that increase sunlight and harmful external agents (smog, smoke, pollution, hot, cold, etc). With AEGLEXA Day Cream the skin is elastic, fresh and velvety throughout the day, as it works effectively against wrinkles and loss of compactness!